E-Verify Resumes Operations

E-Verify Resumes Operations

Now that the government shutdown has ended, E-Verify has resumed operations.

Employers should take note of the important information below from e-verify.gov pertaining to Form I-9s and creating E-Verify cases:

Creating E-Verify Cases

Now that E-Verify operations have resumed, employers who participate in E-Verify must create an E-Verify case by February 11, 2019 for each employee hired while E-Verify was not available. Employers must use the hire date from the employee’s Form I-9 when creating the E-Verify case. If the case creation date is more than three days following the date the employee began working for pay, select “Other” from the drop-down list and enter “E-Verify Not Available” as the specific reason.

Form I-9

Even though Form I-9 support representatives were unavailable during the lapse in government appropriations and E-Verify service was disrupted, employers were still required to complete and retain Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, for every person hired for employment in the U.S. during that time, as long as the person works for wages or other remuneration.

For additional information, including what to do about tentative non-confirmations and federal contractors, visit e-verify.gov.

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