If you have 50 or more FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employees, your tax filings for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance will be due again in 2017.

Don't wait! Every payroll cycle & employment change matters for reporting purposes. Let ETC help you stay ahead of your compliance obligations so you can focus on running your business.


ACA Tracking Services

ACA Tracking Services

Healthcare Reform under the Affordability Care Act will likely continue to evolve as the new law finds its way to its final form. ETC can help.
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ACA HR Services

ACA HR Services

The Affordable Care Act is a daunting compliance task for many employers, and the myriad of other regulations and governmental audit activities makes it imperative for employers to ensure their policies and practices are compliant in all aspects of Human Resources.
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ETC ERISA & HIPAA Compliance

ETC ERISA & HIPAA Compliance

The laws regulating benefits are being scrutinized on a daily basis. With the Affordable Care Act taking center stage, many employers are not focused on the other areas that are very closely tied to HR and health and welfare compliance. We can help.
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With the advent of ACA, service providers and insurance professionals are more than ever finding themselves in need of justifying their existence and are now having to provide additional services and superior knowledge to retain the current client base.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Why outsource ACA & HR compliance?
Beyond the fact that if a client chooses to perform this task in house, it is certain to be tedious, arduous, hyper-technical and, honestly, boring. The employer also has to deal with the fact that the tracking of hours must be accurate in regards to hours paid, breaks in service, and eligibility determinations - at all costs. Treasury and HHS have created a formal appeals process to validate company facts before being penalized because one of the employees or an organization received a subsidy or tax credit. The formal appeals process will be tedious. This is why ETC experts with trial experience as well as business operations experience will be key in defense of actions. ETC makes sense from the cost perspective! The Subject Matter expertise backed by ETC liability insurance gives clients PEACE OF MIND.
2When does "employer shared responsibility" begin?
The Employer Shared Responsibility provisions generally are not effective until Jan. 1, 2015, meaning that no Employer Shared Responsibility payments will be assessed for 2014. See Notice 2013‑45. Employers will use information about the number of employees they employ and their hours of service during 2014 to determine whether they employ enough employees to be an applicable large employer for 2015. See question 4 for more information on determining whether an employer is an applicable large employer and questions 29 through 39 for more information about transition relief for 2015.
3Why should eligibility tracking concern me?
Eligibility Tracking Calculators, LLC (ETC) believe that the rules will shift slightly but likely will not go away. One thing is for sure; most employers are affected in some way and will have to comply with certain pieces of the law both today and in the future. While most of the business world is focused on the administrative burden, we want to be sure that the legal piece of how your ACA is administered is set up in compliance with the regulations.
4What are the penalities for non-compliance?
According to the IRS Notice FAQs published on December 28, 2012, along with the February 12, 2014 revisions, the penalties go beyond the 4980H (Sledgehammer and Tackhammer) penalties. Fines may also be assessed, if a non-governmental group health plan fails to comply with the 90-day waiting period limitation. Code Section 4980D imposes a penalty of $100 to be paid to each affected employee for EVERY day coverage is not offered. This penalty is IN ADDITION to the penalties assessed by the governmental regulators for failure to provide health insurance to eligible employees and/or providing coverage that does not meet the Affordability and/or Minimum Value Standards. Finally, the reporting requirements have been put in place now. As employers wait for final forms of the 1095 reports, they can collect the data that will be needed. Failure to file correct information returns under 26 U.S. Code §6721 could result in $100 for each return with a total amount imposed on a single company not to exceed $1,500,000 in any calendar year.

    Bloomburg ISD
  • While the logistics of what they accomplished during this first year have been impressive enough, their level of professionalism, interpersonal relation skills, and overall customer service has been second to none.  Having been in the customer service business myself for over 30 years, I can appreciate the patience, discipline, and communication skills required to provide a high level of customer service on a consistent basis.  Raina and her team of professionals represent you and your company very well.
    Sam Cofer
  • ETC has been most helpful and understanding through this nightmare of a process.
    Even though we are a small district; ETC made me feel like we mattered and deserved a voice when other companies did not.
    Kim Ratcliff, Business Manager (Bloomburg, TX ISD)
  • ETC has worked diligently with me from the moment I first made contact, shortly after hearing about their services.  The ETC team keeps me updated with information about the status of our data, what to expect, if anything is needed from me, etc.  I never feel like I'm in the dark about the ACA reporting process.  I have been amazed at the way ETC bends over backwards to make it easy for me to submit my payroll and benefits data.  I'm thoroughly impressed with their team's ability to make sense of school data and translate it into ACA codes and requirements.  I feel confident ETC will take care of us in this matter of ACA reporting.  Working with ETC has been everything I hoped in the way of stress relief and reliability--and more.   Thank you, ETC!
  • I am so happy with the staff at ETC. This whole transition with the Affordable Care  Act has been less stressful thanks to their team. I feel confident that their concern for our business is sincere and that we made the right choice by going with ETC. The reports that are sent to us from ETC are professional and accurate and easy to understand. These reports have saved time, money and are continuing to help us by guiding us through every employee’s specific statistics. With ETC we get so much more than our monthly reports. We also have the human resource team helping us with the legal aspect that goes in with the affordable care act. It’s just a sense of relief to know that this team has got your back. I highly recommend this team.
    Marina Garcia, Owner/Administrator
    Seasons Primary Home Care
  • I attended Alicia’s session on OBAMACARE in one of TAHC conferences last year. Within 10 minutes into the presentation, I was sold. She was talking solution rather than rehearsing the problems as always the case in lots of presentations. Securing ETC services has been one of the best business decisions I have had to make in recent times, because of the peace of mind, the knowledge and timeliness of the services.  I am at peace knowing that ETC got my back regarding OBAMACARE.
    Dr. Sunday “Sunny” Uzuh, Ph.D.
    Rosy Health Care Services, Inc.
  • I wanted to take a minute to personally thank ETC and all the work you have done with ​my client.  This year was the single most important open enrollment we have ever had and the ETC reporting , support , and extras we get from you made a MAJOR DIFFERENCE. The enrollment was the by far the most effective and painless ever. The customer is extremely pleased and I wanted to take a second to say THANKS! ​​
  • Your response time and thoroughness has been amazing!  Thanks so much!!
    Preferred Broker & Partner
  • Alicia and her team have simplified the AHCA by handling the details and supplying in a usable format that gives us the utmost assurance that we are staying compliant.  This has saved us untold hours of time, frustration and worry.  They have taken the time to understand our business and react with information that is gives us peace of mind that we are compliant with the ever changing regulations and laws.  This service has saved us from hiring another person.  They cut through all the BS and make it simple.  I highly recommend ETC as a team member.
    Daniel Stanton
    Cafe Ventures
  • The team at Eligibility Tracking Calculators allows us to focus on doing business.  They allow us to rest easy knowing that our compliance is in expert hands.  It is the easiest bill we pay, bar none.  Ask me about them!
    Chad Nelson
    SK Nelson Companies
  • Thank you to ALL!  I appreciate the attention you all have given us and we aren’t even a client yet. Imagine the service and attention then!
    Laurie Miller, Owner
    Apple Care and Companion
  • Overall we are very happy with the work ETC does for us. I can’t imagine trying to do everything we get from them in house.
    David Fuson
    Roper Staffing
  • When we were trying to get ready for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), nobody had answers.  Alicia and her team came in and explained everything in a way we could understand.  It has given me peace of mind at a very reasonable price.  ETC has also worked extremely well with our insurance providers which has definitely helped navigate us through a very complicated process.  I would recommend ETC to anyone!
    Tom Kamm
    Jack Allen's Kitchen

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